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Month: August 2016

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Using Airplane Windows to Shock People

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on a plane? Share below! In this video we are using socks that have traveled from Oslo, Norway gifted to me by Arne Solbak and Nicole Wolter. Sock gifts from Susitha Wanigaratne Harsh Wanigaratne in my life seem to travel a long way thanks to United…
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How To Instantly Make People Move Using Your Clothes

Thank you to Mira Mesa Soccer – AYSO Region 285, Jessica R. Nichols-Thibedeau, Potter Scott, Sid Barin, Julius Hitchens, and John Rosas for always getting us great soccer socks! Isn’t always a bummer when the Mira Mesa Matrix team is always the shortest on the field and the bigger girls just bump us out of…
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Using Pockets on Your Socks for Golf

Thank you Derek Lobo for the idea about using sock wallets for golf! It’s going to take a while before this golf guy gets the mud out of his socks!

Flippysox Store Announcement!

FlippySox online store just went live! Check out our latest versions and order direct.

A New Way to Charge Your Phone Without A Plug!

Isn’t it awful when you can never find an electric plug at the airport? What if you could just shock electricity into your phone with your sock? From Edmonton, Alberta where it is drier, we go to the more moist, Vancouver, British Columbia! Normally, drier places reveal more shocks than humid places. In this video, we take on…
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Creating Electricity With Only a Sock

Here is the first of our sock shocking experiments conducted in Edmonton, Alberta. We are looking for the socks that give the biggest carpet shocks. Today we take on Neon Orange Sports socks from SKECHERS!