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Studying Fish Is The Key to Unlocking Soccer Fun

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Studying Fish Is The Key to Unlocking Soccer Fun

Did you know that 90% of deep sea creatures are glow-in-the-dark? One of the most infamous of these is the angler fish, which has a lantern-like light hanging over its face in order to attract prey. This light is caused by a chemical reaction similar to the process a glow stick uses.

Playing sports during the day has its advantages; you can see the ball, your team, and your competition. But some of the most exciting times I have played is at night whether it be soccer, tag, or hide and seek. I am a dedicated soccer player and one practice was so fun because we played deep into the night. I got hit by the ball a lot because I could not see the ball coming at me! Fun as it was, it could have been easier.

To make it easier, we experimented with cutting, freezing, boiling, and even painting with the glow stick liquid to amplify my night soccer.

Here’s a quick fun fact we learned: boiling a glow stick amps up its brightness by a factor of 10.

Watch the video below!