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How Studying A Cat’s Eye Can Save Lives

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How Studying A Cat’s Eye Can Save Lives

Did you know that 75% of accidents that kill pedestrians happen at night? Because of this issue faced by many, several tactics have come up over the past couple of years in the hopes of helping cyclists, walkers, and runners become more seen in low light scenarios. One of these would be wearing reflective clothing.

The inspiration of reflective material came from the close study of animal eyes or more specifically, a cat’s eye. Scientists discovered something called a corner reflector, which is the shape of the crystals inside the retina that allows light to “retro reflect’ directly back to the source.

In this experiment, we are testing different products that make use of the concept of retro reflective materials by putting them on a sock. Examples of this include bike lights, road sign reflectors, and some unusual mini glass beads. Our mission for today is to create the best reflective sock in the universe. Lets how it turns out!

Watch the video here!