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The Best Innovations to Solve 3 Problems Faced by EVERY Dog Walker

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The Best Innovations to Solve 3 Problems Faced by EVERY Dog Walker

Dog adoptions and ownership increased in 2020 with approximately 90 million pet dogs in the USA. With more dog walkers than ever before, consider innovations and equipment to make your walks safer and more comfortable for you and your pet. Choose products that best suit your environment and the size and type of your dog(s).


Dogs use their paws for grip and traction. While they use the pads on their paws for traction, they rely on their nails to dig in for grip. There are issues on hardwood floors when they can’t use their nails, but for outside dog walks there are two scenarios when dog booties may help your pet. In extreme temperatures 35 °C/95 °F, asphalt can reach temperatures of 65 °C/149 °F. A quick way to test is to stand barefoot or hold the back of your hand on the surface. If you can’t stand or hold your hand for 7-10 seconds, then it is too hot for your dog’s paws. Booties will protect your dog’s paws from extreme heat. Be aware around -1°C/30°F, long-haired dogs can get ice balls and snow clumps stuck between their toes making walking uncomfortable. The cold does not affect the dog’s paws like heat will, so watch your dog on walks in these situations and consider if booties would make their walks more comfortable. If paw wear just isn’t your dog’s style, there are various all-season paw waxes you can try.
Dog walkers also want to be stable on walks in all conditions and some boots or crampons that can make walking on snow and ice safer. If your dog tends to pull, consider using a no-pull front-attachment harness.

*Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots
*Mushers Secret Dog All Season Paw Wax
*Unigear Traction Cleats
*Outer Star Traction Cleats for Ice and Snow

I Can See You, Can You See Us?:
Winter walks mean fewer hours of daylight and your walks being more likely to happen at lower visibility times. Just because you can see cars and others, be sure to remember that reflective clothing and flashlights, flashing collars, and harnesses make you and your dog more visible to others. Dogs have only two cones in their eyes while humans have three cones. Dogs see the world in yellow, blue, and shades of grey- similar to 8% of the people population that are red-green color blind. Blue is the best color for any dog toys and if you are worried about lights bothering your dog, use red or green colors.

Taking Care of Business:

Other necessities for your dog walk include poop bags. Things to consider when selecting the right bags for walking your dog: the bag’s thickness, ease to tie, biodegradable, odor, sight, the quantity of bags, and ease of carrying. Some bags come with dispensers and leash clips, some have issues with biodegradable. Some dog waste bags allow more odor and some bags on the market are scented. The thickness of bags can affect concealing sight and odor and how biodegradable they are in landfills. Easy tie bags often have handles that make tying and carrying bags easier but don’t come in easy-to-use dispensers as often as other bags. Choose the poop bag that best suits you and your dog(s) needs.

*Pets N Dogs Waste Bag (biodegradable)
*Pog (easy tie handles)
*Amazon Basics Dog Waste Bags (dispenser and leash clip)