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How Your Choice of Socks Can Make or Break Your Summer Vacation This Year

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How Your Choice of Socks Can Make or Break Your Summer Vacation This Year

Many people think that packing appropriate jackets, pants, or even food is the most important ingredient to a good vacation. However, if there is one thing I have learned in my travels across Canada, Cuba, and the United States, it’s to pack the right socks. In this article, we will break down some popular environments you might face on your summer travels and offer advice about what the best type of sock to use is and why.

Touring around cities to sight-see can be very hard on your feet, as they have to consistently walk anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 steps. Some of the most beneficial socks for extended periods of walking are compression socks, which are designed to promote blood flow and relieve aching. It is also important to consider everyday socks if you prefer a lower-cut, usually made of cotton or a synthetic blend for a mix of comfort and moisture-wicking that keeps your feet dry and comfy throughout the day.

If you’re going on a more adventurous trip, the right hiking socks will ensure that your feet stay warm, dry, and most importantly, blister-free. Some of the most effective hiking socks are made primarily from Merino wool, a material known for its softness and resistance to chaffing, shrinking, and odors. Not only does this make them super durable for even the toughest of hiking conditions, but it also retains the wearer’s level of comfort. In addition to this, quick-drying socks like ones made of merino wool are better at preventing fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and decreasing the chance of getting blisters. Hiking socks can be important even if you aren’t planning to spend a lot of time outdoors. Vacationers of all stripes invariably find themselves walking more than they expected and if you’re planning to do a lot, merino wool socks will ensure that you can see everything you wanted to without having to stop because of sore feet.

Pick-pocketing is on the rise in many cities in the USA like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York as the pandemic starts to recede and travel gets back to normal. When headed to bigger cities, well-seasoned travelers know the importance of keeping your valuables hidden. Ankle wallets and security socks are on the rise, becoming one of the most concealed and safe ways to store cash, cards, and keys. With a well-functioning day-to-day sock that comes with a pocket, your trip is guaranteed to avoid a tedious and tiring search for lost items.

Knowing what situation you’re going to be in during your travels will help you to make the best choice about what socks to pack. When you’re on the road, socks disappear at roughly twice the rate as at home. Once you’ve checked out of a hotel or vacation rental, there’s no going back to look for the missing sock. So pack an extra pair of your favorite compression sock, hiking sock, or walk-around sock. Because you never know what you’ll be walking into.