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How Your Choice of Socks Can Make or Break Your Summer Vacation This Year

Many people think that packing appropriate jackets, pants, or even food is the most important ingredient to a good vacation. However, if there is one thing I have learned in my travels across Canada, Cuba, and the United States, it’s to pack the right socks. In this article, we will break down some popular environments…
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These 3 America-Themed Socks Will Have You Looking The Most Patriotic at Memorial Day BBQs

Whether you’re planning a festive barbecue or just want to show your respect for the stars and stripes, USA novelty sock designs are a great way to show your memorial day spirit. To see what’s trending in fashion around these next couple of weeks filled with patriotic pride, we took a look at the most…
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Customer Reviews From Amazon Show that there Really is a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Did you know that the pride parades in Seattle, San Diego, New York, and San Francisco amass a total of 8 million participants and spectators, which is almost a fifth of California’s population? With that much attention on just parades, we pondered back to the start of rainbow socks and how sales have grown since…
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Find Out Why Certain Socks Can Help Your Achy and Tired Legs During Parades

With Pride month coming up, it’s time to start gearing up for festivals and parades. Being festival enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the pains of standing up for hours on end walking around from booth to booth. If only we knew about how certain types of socks can considerably help lessen the pain of achy feet.…
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Catch a Whiff of the Most Popular Animal Themed Socks

With all the attention on social media, the latest and most popular apparel trends can be hard to follow. Animal designs are some of the most-purchased clothing on the internet because of their versatility as gifts, cuteness, and even inherent attention-grabbing quality derived from humans’ survival instincts to specific patterns. To settle the debate about…
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The Best Innovations to Solve 3 Problems Faced by EVERY Dog Walker

Dog adoptions and ownership increased in 2020 with approximately 90 million pet dogs in the USA. With more dog walkers than ever before, consider innovations and equipment to make your walks safer and more comfortable for you and your pet. Choose products that best suit your environment and the size and type of your dog(s).…
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How Studying A Cat’s Eye Can Save Lives

Did you know that 75% of accidents that kill pedestrians happen at night? Because of this issue faced by many, several tactics have come up over the past couple of years in the hopes of helping cyclists, walkers, and runners become more seen in low light scenarios. One of these would be wearing reflective clothing.…
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Studying Fish Is The Key to Unlocking Soccer Fun

Did you know that 90% of deep sea creatures are glow-in-the-dark? One of the most infamous of these is the angler fish, which has a lantern-like light hanging over its face in order to attract prey. This light is caused by a chemical reaction similar to the process a glow stick uses. Playing sports during…
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New ‘Illuminating’ Ways to Look Cool on Halloween!

Imagine the look on Edison’s face when he sees that we can cut a light bulb without having the light go out. This can be done with ElectroLuminescent technology (EL)! EL is a material made of phosphor that emits a glow when you send electric current through it. It is flexible and can be cut…
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What Type of Light is Best to Wear For Night Running Safety?

With all the crazy drivers that there are today, there is a big risk faced by night runners and bikers. It is hard for the drivers to see them and stop in time before they get hit. So how can these people stay safe? One of the most common methods is by using an LED…
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