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Can Common Detergent Actually Clean Tough Stains?

Did you know that the first laundry detergents were made out of charcoal, water, ash, and silicates? Imagine putting that on your clothes to clean them! Welcome to the next video of the cleaning sock series! In this episode, we will be using a normal detergent to scrub out dirt, grass, blood, and soy sauce…
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If Toothpaste Cleans Your Teeth, Can It Clean Your Clothes?

What happened to the leopard that fell in the washing machine? (See answer at the bottom) Welcome to the second video of the cleaning sock series. We will be continuing our homemade section by using toothpaste as our cleaning method. In order to do this, we will stain a nylon, cotton, and polyester sock with…
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Cleaning Stains With Lemon Juice

Imagine you have an important business meeting coming up. Everything is in place; all the files, presentation, – hold on a second: you still need to put on your neat white clothes. As you take them out from the wash, low and behold a huge grass stain right over the front! What will you do…
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Mind Blowing Results From our Sock Thermal Regulation, Wicking and Odor Experiments

Results of the Zen Healing Series! We have concluded a couple of things: bamboo is the best at wicking and thermal regulation and that while some socks can kill certain types of bacteria more than others, no sock is significantly more antibacterial. For more info, check out our conclusions in the picture! Note: the socks…
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Sock Farting…A New Trend? Bamboo, Cotton and Hemp Sock Experiments on Odor Protection

Did you know that your sweat doesn’t give off odor? It’s actually tiny bacteria, who eat your sweat and release the stinky smell. Welcome to the next video of the Zen Healing Sock Series where today we will be testing out which sock grows less bacteria: cotton or bamboo. We will be taking a look…
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Why Do My Socks Get So Sweaty? Wicking of Bamboo and Cotton Socks

What do you call a sorcerer who can make water travel up fabric? A wicktch! (Wicking Witch 😉 Anyways, hello and welcome to the next video of the next Zen Healing Sock Experiment! Today we will be testing out how fast the bamboo sock can wick moisture! So what is wicking? To give you an idea, a…
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Wicking Properties of Hemp and Cotton Socks

What did the weed say when she wanted to trim the edge of her dress? Cut this hemp off! Haha  Hello and welcome to the next video of the Zen Healing Sock Experiment! Today we are continuing with our hemp experiments and we will be testing out how fast the hemp sock can wick moisture.…
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How To Keep Your Feet Comfy: Thermal Regulation of Bamboo and Cotton Socks

As early as the Shang Dynasty in China, more than 2000 years ago, bamboo was already used in clothing. Today, there have been factories that have started to make clothing made out of nothing other than bamboo. So why don’t these factories just use plain cotton or polyester? These companies are claiming that the bamboo…
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San Diego Earth Fair

Flippysox is happy to announce that we will be join the San Diego Earth Fair exhibitors today at Balboa park from 10 am- 5 pm. Come swing by our booth in Area 8 and check out our socks! #Earthday

Hands-Free Ice Pack Therapy For Ankle Injuries

Did you know that there are 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles in just one human foot? With all of those tendons, when you simply sprain your ankle a lot of them tear, resulting in swelling. In this post of the Zen Healing Sock Series we will be looking into ice therapy! According to interviews with…
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