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Month: September 2016

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How to Give an Electric Shock to Someone With Your Feet!

Have you ever wanted to just take a shower without getting your hair wet? Well, you could just put a cap on your head but is there a more scientific way… MythBusters, Nikola Tesla Museum, PrankvsPrank, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Thomas Edison These pros might even find this surprising! ——————————————————————————————————— We thought getting shocks…
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Do 20 Year-Old Socks Still Have Static Charge?

Have you ever kept a pair of socks for 20 years? My dad has! These wool socks from Mountain Equipment Co-op are from his old hiking days with Anil Thaker, Ketan Bhalla, Mark Fiala. I’ve seen many episodes of Bear Grylls in which he must make a fire by sparking a flint. In this video…
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