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Month: October 2016

Play more worry less

Could Getting Dirty Help Athletes Get More Energized?

As we continue the series on The Secret Lives of Celebrity Socks, we feature world famous soccer player Leo Messi. In this “messy” picture we see Leo getting his socks dirty, but Iittle does he know that he just picked about 100 billion microbes wanting a ride! Although that may seem a little nasty…microbes in dirt…
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All Natural Weight Training: Meat Socks!

What do you call a cow with no legs? (See the answer at the end of the post) In the picture, we see Lady Gaga wearing the most organic socks possible: they’re entirely made of meat! We are guessing this weird pair of footwear weighed about 10 pounds, which is about 100 times the weight of standard…
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Are We Missing a Fitness Secret Used by Queen Elizabeth II?

The Queen of England‘s biggest estate in the United Kingdom is 55,000 acres, which is about 80% the size of the City London. I’d expect she’d have tennis courts, soccer fields, rugby fields, or something with all that land. (I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a zoo!) The weird thing is, we only found that she…
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How President Obama Expresses His Diversity In Many Ways

Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, shows diversity in many ways including his choice of sports clothing! Check it out; he even likes different sock brands as shown in these pictures. When playing golf, he wears Nike Sportswear and while playing basketball he wears adidas socks. This is the second post of ‘The Secret Lives…
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Bill Gates Found Wearing Regular Nike Socks!

What if there was a Microsoft sock that could measure your pulse, number of steps, and sun exposure? As a multi-billionaire, Bill Gates still hasn’t invented some crazy sock but wears the regular $4.99 Nike socks! Our revealing picture shows it all! Bill Gates is caught on camera at a tennis court wearing white nike socks. In this first post of…
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What Types of Socks Do Celebrities Wear?

Hello again! I’m Jordan, the founder of Flippysox who hosted the Shocking Experiment. As promised here is the next crazy 30 day series, but this time it’s not about us, it’s about your favorite, inspiring celebrities! From Adele to Queen Elizabeth, we are finding out what type of socks these celebrities wear by doing close ups of…
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