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Month: August 2018

Play more worry less

Wearable Zepp Soccer Review #2 – Kicks and Acceleration

Hello and welcome to the next post of the electronic sock series! Today we will be continuing with a review of the Zepp PLAY SOCCER which is a small, strawberry-sized device that measures your soccer game play statistics. In this post, we will be using the Zepp to measure acceleration while comparing it with our…
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Using Flippysox to Measure Sports Performance

What kind of car does an electrician drive? (see answer at the end of the post) Hello and welcome to the second post of the electronic sock series! Today, we will be testing if the positioning of the ZEPP PLAY soccer affects the accuracy of the statistics the zepp says. When bought, the device comes…
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Don’t Inhale These Weed Socks: Thermal Regulation of Hemp and Cotton Socks

Humans have adapted to have areas on their body that are especially suited for releasing heat to keep you cold. In these areas, there is a high volume of blood flow, and that blood passes very close to the skin. One of these areas is the toes. So, with our body great at thermal regulating,…
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Wearable Zepp Soccer Review #1 – Sprint Speed, Number of Sprints, Distance

 Hello and welcome to the first post of the electronic sock series! In this first post, we will be reviewing the ZEPP PLAY soccer (a small strawberry-sized device that goes into a sleeve on the back of your calf) for its accuracy in distance, max sprint speed, and number of sprints. To do this, we…
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