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Month: October 2022

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The Weird and Wacky of Halloween

it’s illegal to dress up as a priest for Halloween or rabbi or nun or any religious leader. This law was passed by the Alabama code and was established in the 1960s anyone who violates it can face a $500 fine or jail time. Halloween is the second most profitable commercial holiday in the United…
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Fun Facts About Halloween

“Trick or treating” has its roots in the original Celtic Samhain festival 2000 years ago. During Samhain people would go door-to-door in disguise and they would sing songs in exchange for food. Poor children would go from house to house and beg for soul cakes and in return the beggars would pray for members of…
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History of Halloween

Halloween is a patchwork holiday stitched together with cultural, religious and occult traditions that spans centuries. Halloween can be traced back to a 2000 year old Celtic festival called “Samhain” that essentially celebrated death and rebirth and happened at the end of the summer harvest. This word actually means “summer’s end” in Gaelic.  The Celts,…
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