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Month: March 2023

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The Weird and Wacky of Easter

The world’s largest easter egg weighing a husky 5 000  can be found in Alberta, Canada. It towers at 31 feet in height and has a width of 18 feet. It is put together from 3 500 individual pieces of aluminum and construction on the structure took over 12 000 hours to complete. The first…
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Obscure Historical facts about Easter

For many people of the Christian faith, Easter is the most important holiday of the year. It is the culmination of the religious season of Lent and the day on which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The first recorded celebration of Easter was back in the 2nd century but it probably goes back even…
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Fun Facts About Easter

Unlike fixed holidays like Halloween and Christmas, Easter is considered a “moveable feast” and can fall anywhere from March 22 and April 25.  The simple standard definition of Easter is that it is the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. If the full Moon falls on a…
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Crazy Facts About St. Patricks Day

The tradition of celebrating March 17th with parades actually started in America. st. Paddy’s might be more American than Irish. 34 million Americans claim Irish heritage which is about 5 times the population of Ireland itself. The parade tradition really took off after the great potato famine hit Ireland in the 1840s sending hundreds of…
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The Wacky and Wierd of St Patricks Day

Traditionally blue was the national color of Ireland instead of the popular green color of today. This was because before the 1600s during Saint Patrick’s time, Ireland was under British rule and Henry the eighth was King and his flag was blue. The great Irish rebellion happened in 1641 allowing Ireland to secede from the…
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Fun Facts About St Paddys Day

Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish and he wasn’t called Patrick. He was actually born in Britain in 386 AD and was originally named Maewyn Succat. Saint Patrick was only known as Patrick once he’d become a priest and the only reason he traveled to Ireland in the first place was because he’d been kidnapped by pirates.…
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