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The Pride rainbow

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The Pride rainbow

Political and social  movements have long relied on symbols and icons  to visualize and communicate their goals and the global LGBTQIA+ liberation movement  is no different. The six-stripe rainbow flag  is currently the most commonly seen iteration worldwide but throughout time it has been  amended to adapt to different perspectives.

American artist Gilbert Baker in 1978, along with 30 volunteers created the “Eight Stripe Rainbow  Flag” but because of logistical reasons and after several drafts the “Sixth-Stripe Rainbow Flag”  was adopted. Although the “Six-Stripe Rainbow Flag” has become a well-known symbol for everyone  under the LGBTQIA+, other flags have also been designed for communities.

Sometimes people of color have been lost in the discussion and so in 2017, the city of Philadelphia drew   attention to this by launching a Pride Flag with  black and brown stripes after introducing the POC inclusive flag.

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