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Zipper Wallet Sock - Dog White

Zipper Wallet Sock - Dog White

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Play More & Worry Less with this Zipper Sock! The perfect pock to allow you to store your valuables safely and securely!

With it's lightweight construction, sports stretch, and comfy padding you can do your favorite activities without worrying about where to put your things. 

✅ Premium Performance & Comfort

✅ Fits women's size 7-13, men's 6-13 

✅ Rugged Zipper Pocket

97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

✅ Lifetime Guarantee 

✅ Anti-Pickpocket Pair


Size 6-13. One size fits most

Who Uses Our Socks

  • BIKERS & RUNNERS: Store your keys, credit cards and cash quickly when going for a quick workout. Flippysox pocket tech ensures that your valuables will never fall out so that you can play more and worry less.
  • ACTIVE PEOPLE: As a casual sport athlete, we understand that it’s tough to play at your best when you have to worry about where to put your valuables and money. Our stretchy and high-performance sock provides a comfortable place to store and retrieve them fast!
  • TRAVELERS: With a hidden pocket on your sock, your valuables will be safe from pickpocketers when you are travelling!

Our Story

Play more, Worry less

Flippysox was created by an 8-year old from California named Jordan. She was at an event when she wanted someplace safe to put her money so she stuffed the money into her sock creating the first SOCK WALLET™.

Flippysox now comes with a ruggedized zippper pocket that can fit a credit card, money and other valuables so you can PLAY MORE AND WORRY LESS

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