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New ‘Illuminating’ Ways to Look Cool on Halloween!

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New ‘Illuminating’ Ways to Look Cool on Halloween!

Imagine the look on Edison’s face when he sees that we can cut a light bulb without having the light go out. This can be done with ElectroLuminescent technology (EL)! EL is a material made of phosphor that emits a glow when you send electric current through it. It is flexible and can be cut into all shapes and sizes.

I am a hardcore Trick-or-Treater and dress up every year for Halloween. To be safe, I usually bring along a flashlight or glow stick to make myself seen. This year, I’m going all out with the bright, glowing EL loops and shapes. It is fashionable and trendy along with being a safe way to maximize candy collecting.

Check out my fashion choices for Halloween in the video down below.

Hint: if you can figure out how Flippysox is being used, let us know in the comments.