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Month: May 2016

Play more worry less

How to get your pet to follow you

You put a treat in your pocket and go and see your pet. The pet sniffs a bit around you, then gets bored and goes and takes a nap. Yesterday, I went to do some testing that’s something like this. I went to a friend’s house because they have a pet, stuck a dog treat…
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Embarrassing Sports Mistakes #3: Top Fear in California

Yesterday, I went into a canyon. It’s right outside of my house so I have easy access to it. Anyways, I brought some friends; Makela and Kjell (Pronounced Ch-ell) We were exploring new places with long grass in the hot sun. As we walked along a trail, there was a place a creek once ran.…
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Embarrassing Sports Mistakes #2: Don’t get your ribs snapped

Today, I was playing a soccer game. I was playing defense at the time. The enemy player was on the side of the field and I was in the middle guarding another player. I rushed up to meet them but got stopped short. The ball came flying at me! It hit my stomach with a…
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