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Crazy Facts About St. Patricks Day

The tradition of celebrating March 17th with parades actually started in America. st. Paddy’s might be more American than Irish. 34 million Americans claim Irish heritage which is about 5 times the population of Ireland itself. The parade tradition really took off after the great potato famine hit Ireland in the 1840s sending hundreds of…
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The Wacky and Wierd of St Patricks Day

Traditionally blue was the national color of Ireland instead of the popular green color of today. This was because before the 1600s during Saint Patrick’s time, Ireland was under British rule and Henry the eighth was King and his flag was blue. The great Irish rebellion happened in 1641 allowing Ireland to secede from the…
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Fun Facts About St Paddys Day

Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish and he wasn’t called Patrick. He was actually born in Britain in 386 AD and was originally named Maewyn Succat. Saint Patrick was only known as Patrick once he’d become a priest and the only reason he traveled to Ireland in the first place was because he’d been kidnapped by pirates.…
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Top 5 facts about black history

Betty Boop was based on a black woman. Betty Boop was inspired by the black jazz singer Esther jones commonly known as baby Esther in Harlem’s cotton club. Her signature singing style was stolen by Helen Kane and adapted by the cartoonist max Fleischer. Catherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn were the women behind…
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Black History Month: Amazing scientists and inventors

Black history month celebrates important people and events in African American history. It is celebrated every February because both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were born in the month of February and both of these men were some of the main figures in ending slavery so February is the perfect month to celebrate black history.…
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What is Black History Month

Carter Woodson who would later be known as the father of black history was a historian and a well-published author who was concerned that the stories of black history were not being told. Carter Woodson announced the second week of February to be a week dedicated to celebrating black history. in the following decades celebrating…
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What is President’s Day

President’s Day has long been associated with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln yet it never falls or neither’s actual birthday. In fact two other presidents were also born in February William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan and their birthdays never fall on the holiday either. That’s because president’s day is celebrated the third Monday of…
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Fun Facts About Presidents For President’s Day: Part 2

In 1992 toward the end of a trading tour in Asia, George HW Bush was attending a state dinner held at the home of the Japanese Prime Minister. All was going well but then President Bush was overcome by nausea and fell forward and vomited. As he fainted George Bush he said arigato gozaimasu which…
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Fun Facts About Presidents For President’s Day: Part 1

Most people don’t think of Presidents Day as a holiday or really know why it’s a holiday we just know it’s a day out of school or work. Lets look at some lesser known facts about some of America’s past Presidents. Theodore Roosevelt wore a loch of Abraham Lincoln’s hair mounted into a ring at…
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Top 10 things to do on Valentine’s Day

Ideas for a great Valentines Day. Plan a romantic dinner make a reservation at a fancy restaurant cook a  special meal at home or plan a picnic in a Scenic spot Give a thoughtful gift give your loved one a thoughtful gift such as flowers chocolates jewelry or a special keepsake Number three take a…
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